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Written by Marie-Eve Bertrand

Renovations before selling a house – what we learnt!

Last year, our team worked with many clients who were looking at doing a few renovations in order to sell their home quickly, at a decent price. During our initial visit, we always take the time to review a few key elements:

  1. Floors: Carpets? Old vinyl? Once popular, those flooring are now outdated, and it does turn off potential buyers. Investing in a hardwood floor would be the smart thing to do, and you’ll get your money back. We advise you to stay away from cheap floors, or indulge in the most expensive ones! It’s all about balance, and we can help you find the right fit for your place, at a very competitive price!
  2. Kitchen and bathroom: Old and damaged, or up-to-date? New buyers tend to go for the house that requires less investment in the kitchen and bathroom(s). Unless they want to do a total flip! Take the time to review different options and budgets. You might only need to change a toilet or a sink, or perhaps you need to redo the whole thing. There are smart options on the market.
  3. Damaged walls: Your oldest dug a hole in the wall as he was playing with his friends? Or you removed that big old mirror but the hole is so huge you can see through? You might need a touch of magic—and a good plasterer! You’d be amazed to see what can be done.
  4. Painting: When is the last time you painted your walls? Are doors covered with marks and turning grey/black because of wear and tear? Taking the time to paint doors and trims, as well as walls (neutral colours) can open up new possibilities when it comes to selling quickly. We’ve seen it!

Contact us now if you’d like to meet our team and evaluate your options!

If you read French, here is a great article about it in La Presse, from July 2016:


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