Written by Marie-Eve Bertrand

A distinctive enterprise!

Life can be a battle sometimes… and everyone has a different way to deal with it! Realizing it was the springboard to launch a business that represents us!

The business idea came to us a year before founding the company. Jean-Marc and I had our share of challenges before meeting each other.  It wasn’t long before we realized that we shared a deep interest for homes, design and well delivered work.  Our project to start this business sprung from the realization that each person has its own story, and has the power to carry on or give up.  A victory leads to another one and with a lot of work and dedication, everything can change!


Victory because we believe in second chances. Because we believe that with the right tools, one can do so much more (in life and at work).

Quality and distinction, because we have no interest to create works which we would not be proud of, or would not accept as clients. Jean-Marc has quite the eye, and takes the time to do things well so our clients are satisfied, leading his team with rigour and passion. Marie-Eve brings her touch of taste and distinction with the selection of materials, colours and textures.

It’s just a beginning, but it’s ours and as we get closer to our first anniversary, we are really proud of all the work we accomplished so far!

And we really hope to have a chance to collaborate with you!



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